6 May 2022

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10 Activities to Celebrate International Family Day | Zenyum SG

When International Family Day rolls around on May 15th, here are 10 ideas to get you that little bit closer to your family. Whether you're homebodies or outdoorsmen, we've got you covered.

family standing and hugging

Family means something a little different to everyone. Parents, step-parents, no parents, with three kids or only fur-kids, plus throw in a few second cousins, ex-colleague-turned-besties or next-door neighbours in the mix – family has many, many faces. We honour them all.  When International Family Day rolls around on May 15th, here are 10 ideas to get you that little bit closer to the people who make you feel like a million dollars, unconditionally.  

1. Garden together

Watering home plants together

They say a family who plants together, grows together. During the pandemic, many of us took to buying and looking after greenery to spruce up our homes, and it was wildly therapeutic! For this activity, you could even spice things up with your tribe to see whose plant thrives best… or survives.  But do also remember to understand the rules before growing a ‘Jungle walkway’ out of your house!

2. Movies together

A family watching movies together at home

Possibly one of the most flexible ways (movie night at home or go to the cinemas) to connect with your loved ones. Nothing gets us warm and fuzzy, or at the edge of our seats (depending on what you are into!), like a shared viewing experience of your favourite shows. 

3. Cook together

mum and daughter cooking

It’s commonly known that the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, so what better way to bond than to whip up a sumptuous meal in the kitchen as a family. Here are some recipe ideas that hopefully inspire you to share some delicious moments with your family.

4. Play together

family playing board games

A little friendly competition doesn’t hurt! From board games to escape rooms, build trust and improve communication with your family to tighten that bond! 

5. Read together

parent reading with kid

In a world of smart phones and short attention spans, reading is highly underrated. And as exchange of individualised thoughts and ideas happens from a shared reading experience, it fosters emotional and cognitive togetherness. Sounds like your kind of cosy adventure? Start a book club now!

6. Cycle together

parents teaching kid how to cycle

Riding a bike together helps you not only connect with each other but also allows you to explore our sunny island as a unit! 

7. Swim together

family in the waters swimming together

Nothing quite beats the feeling when you make waves, or soak up the sun with the people you love. Here are some places you can go for a splashing good time!

8. Travel together

family showing their passports

Now that the world is opening up, travelling means going beyond your front door! Hurrah!  Book that trip you needed to take two years ago with the ones that mean the most to you.

9. Volunteer together

family helping out with elderly

Helping others helps us feel a sense of belonging, make new friends and connect with our communities.Not sure where to start? SG Cares lets you discover volunteering opportunities. Definitely something to be a part of this family day! 

10. Paint together

family art jamming

From art jamming to DIY workshops, share your unique perspectives as a family and unleash your inner artist!

And there you have it. We hope that you’re able to knock off a few of these activities and Smile More as you spend quality time with your family!

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10 Activities to Celebrate International Family Day | Zenyum SG


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