19 October 2020

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Can Electric Toothbrushes Really Damage Your Gums? | Zenyum SG

Do electric toothbrushes damage gums? It’s a myth! They are actually better at removing plaque and reducing your risk of gum disease.

Electric toothbrushes promise better hygiene and ease of use, not to mention it feels pretty fancy to have something do all the work for you. 

Yet, there are also some who claim that they can damage your gums and tell you never, ever to use an electric toothbrush. 

Which camp should you be at? 

Electric toothbrushes are actually good for you

Studies have shown that manual toothbrushes are actually more abrasive for your teeth and gums because we cannot maintain a consistent amount of force to use as we brush. 

Electric toothbrushes, being well… electric, can deliver a consistent force and actually improve your oral health by up to 21%.

Electric toothbrush bristles can move over 30,000 times per minute, or at least our Zenyum Sonic can. This vibration can actually help to remove plague and reach thee nooks and crannies of your teeth. 

The best electric toothbrushes come with a timer to ensure you’re brushing for the recommended 2 minutes. It is imperative to brush for the recommended duration because only then will you get the most out of your brushing. 

Do electric toothbrushes cause gums to recede?

There have been tabloid articles that tout electric toothbrushes as the cause of gum recession, with scarring photos of exposed teeth and bleeding gums.

The truth is that brushing too hard with any kind of toothbrush can wear down the outer surface of your teeth and damage your gums. 

In fact, this gives electric toothbrushes an advantage as they have in-built pressure sensors to gently alert you when you brush too hard.

No more furiously raking a manual toothbrush across your teeth with a vengeance every morning and night.

And less risk of gum recession.

Switch to Zenyum Sonic

The electric toothbrush that delivers 30,000 sonic-powered vibrations for a deeper clean.

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Can Electric Toothbrushes Really Damage Your Gums? | Zenyum SG


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