27 March 2023

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Do Braces or Clear Aligners Change Your Face Shape?

You might have heard that your face shape will change after wearing braces or aligners. But is that really true? Read on to find out!

Female person holding clear aligners

What are braces for?

The main purpose of braces is to straighten teeth and improve oral health caused by dental conditions or misalignments like overbite.

Generally speaking, braces can effectively correct protruding or inclined teeth. These can make minor corrections to your jaw alignment. However, the main reason for braces is definitely not to change the shape of your face.

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What is a braces face?

Person smiling widely wearing traditional metal braces

You might have heard the term “brace face” before when simply referring to somebody who wears braces. But sometimes it could sometimes refer to changes you might see in your cheeks and lips during or after braces. 

Some of these changes might be seen because of:


Dentist checking patient's teeth

When it comes to metal braces, extraction is required to make space for the teeth to shift prior to treatment. These might make your cheeks appear “less full” 

Invisible braces/clear aligners, on the other hand, use Interproximal Reduction (IPR) instead. Rest assured that it is a non-invasive procedure that does not damage your teeth and there is no pain!

Your bite readjusting

In cases of an overjet, your lips will often be raised. But after getting braces, your lips are likely to follow the contour of your newly adjusted bite.

Do braces change face shape?

The answer is neither yes nor no. Clear aligners or braces do not directly change your face shape but do help correct minor jaw misalignments once the teeth have been straightened to the desired position.

Face shape before and after invisible braces

Cherie before and after Zenyum clear aligners

In the case of our customer Cherie, she was able to straighten her teeth and transform her smile in just 7 months with her ZenyumClear™ Aligner treatment. Now she has a confident smile that radiates as she goes by her busy life.

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Do Braces or Clear Aligners Change Your Face Shape?


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