23 October 2020

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Getting Started With Invisible Braces | Zenyum SG

The best invisible braces in Singapore have one thing in common:​ Real screening and consultations done by real, licensed orthodontists and dentists.​

That’s right – having a real-life orthodontist or dentist looking closely at your teeth can greatly affect your treatment.

Successful invisible braces treatment: Why is having a dentist so crucial?

1. They examine your X-rays,
2. Check for underlying teeth conditions, and
3. Check if you need IPR (Interproximal reduction) prior to wearing invisible braces/aligners

Missing any of the above mentioned steps may subject you to unnecessary risks and potentially even irreversible damage to your teeth. 

Not fun at all.

Why is getting X-rayed important?

X-rays enable orthodontists and dentists to keep an eye out for any type of dental abnormalities, including impacted teeth, cysts, and supernumeraries. These are issues that need to be resolved before orthodontic treatment can proceed – if at all.

As with any other type of cosmetic treatment, a clear and thorough process is important for a smooth and optimal experience.

Do you have any underlying teeth conditions?

The only way to know is sit in the dentist chair and let the doctor take a thorough look-see inside your mouth.

Think of this critical in-chair time as a “discovery-phase”. Your dentist will use this opportunity to get the lay of the land and identify anything that could complicate your invisible braces journey – like periodontitis, gum disease, etc.

That’s because orthodontic tooth movement (no matter from traditional or invisible braces) in patients with active periodontal disease can aggravate the condition, potentially leading to tooth loss.

Why is it highly recommended to check if you need IPR?

Before we jump into IPR, let’s talk about bimaxillary protrusion, also known as BIMAX. BIMAX is when your top and bottom teeth protrude outwards and cause your lips to stick out.

Did you know that many Asians have some degree of BIMAX? And jumping into orthodontic treatment that doesn’t account for BIMAX could worsen it, affect your bite, and in some unfortunate cases, cause you to have difficulty chewing!

That’s why we highly recommend checking with your dentist to determine if you need IPR (interproximal reduction) before getting your invisible braces done in Singapore. This ensures there is sufficient space for your teeth to move as they realign during braces treatment.

At Zenyum, we believe in placing orthodontists and dentists at the heart of your braces treatment.

Because we put you and your experience first. We constantly strive to deliver the highest quality of care, whilst remaining affordable.

Here’s a breakdown of how we bring our orthodontists and dentists closer to you without compromising your convenience.

See real results in as short as 3 months

Are there other safe braces in Singapore besides Zenyum?


If you are straightening your teeth in Singapore, look for brands which maintain tight dentist-patient interactions for safer treatment outcomes.

This includes regular check-ins with dentists, whether that’s in person or online.

Real results begin with real, licensed orthodontists and dentists

Maybe you’ve always found dental visits a troublesome affair that involves long wait times.

But you’ll find that with ZenyumClear Aligners, all that extra care with a licensed professional by your side every step of the way makes it all worthwhile.

Get The Perfect Invisible Braces For Your Smile

Start flashing your best smile with Zenyum

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Getting Started With Invisible Braces | Zenyum SG


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