23 December 2022

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Honest User Reviews for ZenyumSonic™ Electric Toothbrushes

We’ve spread the good word about how well our electric toothbrushes can clean your teeth. Now it is time to hear what our real users have to say.

Man looking in a mirror brushing his teeth with electric toothbrush

It is only fair if we start off with a pros and cons list of our  ZenyumSonic™ Electric Toothbrushes:



  • Timer: 2-minute auto shut off
  • Multiple modes for different levels of cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Sleek design with 5 different colours
  • Long battery life: only needs charging once in 25 days 
  • Strength of the “Clean” mode might be much for those with sensitive teeth
  • Can be a bit loud


Black and White ZenyumSonic toothbrush

Brushing modes

Our Sonic™ toothbrushes have 3 modes: clean, gentle, and white that you can choose between. 

The Clean mode works great for getting a deep clean. Among all the modes, this mode has the strongest vibrations. Some describe it like having your own dentist appointment at home. 


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"Feels like you just completed a visit to the dentist every time you use the Sonic toothbrush. Also love that it's waterproof unlike other toothbrushes which sometimes get moldy!"

The Gentle mode works great for when you’ve just started out with the Sonic™ toothbrush so you can work your way up to the stronger vibrations and deeper clean of the Clean mode. 

This mode is also a happy medium in getting the Sonic™ toothbrush experience for those with more sensitive teeth. 

Finally, the White mode works great as a final touch to your brushing as its higher speed has a polishing effect to help with removing stubborn stains. 

Thoroughness of cleaning

ZenyumSonic™ toothbrushes are not just for aestheic. They actually are very effective in removing plaque. The toothbrush vibrates at a speed of 33,000 times a minute – that’s much faster than your typical electric toothbrush.

The brush head also vibrates from side to side to remove debris and plaque effectively. All while only having to glide it over your teeth instead of scrubbing! 

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"It is quite strong by way of the feel on the teeth however it does a good job of cleaning the plaque."

Battery life

Girl brushing her teeth with ZenyumSonic Toothbrush

One of the concerns with owning an electric toothbrush is the type of battery it comes with –  especially since changing batteries can feel like a chore. 

That’s why many favour both the ZenyumSonic™ and ZenyumSonic™ Go  since there is no need for a change of battery. 

You can say goodbye to scrambling to find a working set of triple-A batteries at home since both our toothbrushes only need charging once every 25 days on average. 

Jing En Lim
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"Best electric toothbrush! I love the fact that it vibrates every 30 seconds so I know when to change brushing sides, and that it makes sure that I brush for a full 2 minutes. Battery life is incredible too -- I only have to charge it ~once a month, and that's with using it twice a day."

Value for money

Girl smiling and holding white ZenyumSonic Go

We’re big believers of the saying “You get what you pay for”. But we don’t think quality products should be crazy expensive either. 

Both versions of ZenyumSonic™ are true to that since they are durable, waterproof, have a long battery life, and give you all the control you need over your brushing. 

That’s what you call “value for money”. 

Wai Shan-Wong
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"Previously I was using another lower end brand and the improvement when switching to Zenyum is immerse - Better and more thorough cleaning that feels like going to dentist, with sleeker design too. Highly recommended for anyone with budget for Zenyum, which is worth the premium pricing.’"

More testimonials

Whether it’s the classic ZenyumSonic™ or the ZenyumSonic™ Go, you can’t go wrong with either since you’ll get the same brushing experience. Here are some more user reviews about both:

Ryan Gruss
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"This was a game changer for my daily routine. Never knew a toothbrush could be so much better, love the easy gliding and fresh feeling you get with ZenyumSonic."
Santosh Nair
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"I have had a great brushing experience with Zenyum this far. The equipment is ergonomic and easy to use. The built-in timer ensures optimal use and protection."
Shi Hwei Tan
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"Indeed I can't go back to normal toothbrush."
Elisa Ang
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"Great to use. Practical functions, especially the 30s interval vibration."
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"I love it. My first electronic toothbrush! It's sleek and not bulky unlike other brands I see in the market."

Switch to ZenyumSonic™ today!

The electric toothbrush that delivers over 30,000 sonic-powered vibrations for a deeper clean

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Honest User Reviews for ZenyumSonic™ Electric Toothbrushes


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