21 July 2022

2 mins read

Getai Phenomenon Wang Lei and Apprentice Jayner Visit Zenyum Singapore HQ To Talk About One Major Regret | Zenyum MY

Did you catch Zenyum’s special collaboration with one of Singapore’s homegrown livestream superstars, Wang Lei???

Photo credit: Wang Lei 王雷, Jayner Teh 巧儿

Yes, the Wang Lei–or ‘Mai Yu Ge’ as he’s known in Mandarin–who has a huge fan base across Singapore and Malaysia. The very same Wang Lei who surpassed SGD 1 million in sales at Gucci in Paris, along with his apprentice, Jayner, recently hosted a livestream at Zenyum HQ in Singapore.

If you answered no, well that’s okay; keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it!

Why do top livestreamers like Wang Lei choose to collaborate with us?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Wang Lei isn’t just well known for his dynamic persona, he also has a reputation for promoting brands that he believes are trustworthy and of good value – if you’re looking for a good deal on something, chances are, he’ll know about it. 

Since Zenyum is Asia’s go-to invisible braces brand for people who want an affordable, effective and convenient clear aligners treatment to straighten their teeth, it makes perfect sense that he’d choose to collaborate with us! 

Additionally, in his stint as a getai singer, Wang Lei realises that having metal braces as a singer can really affect your performance. From pain to possible speech impediments and the tedious upkeep, it’s no wonder you don’t see any Hollywood singers rocking a mouth full of metal. 

Singers and aspiring entertainers out there, take note!

Jayner’s regrets with her own invisible braces journey

While Wang Lei himself has yet to embark on his Zenyum Smile Journey (fingers crossed!), his apprentice, Jayner, is currently using invisible aligners from another brand.

However, she expressed regret during the livestream at her choice. While explaining how Zenyum’s pre-assessment works to their whopping 214,000-strong livestream audience, she realised just how much more convenient and affordable Zenyum is.

In fact, if Jayner had chosen Zenyum instead, she would have: 

  • Been able to skip unnecessary dentist appointments
  • Saved valuable time and money on her treatment
  • Gotten access to Zenyum’s dedicated customer service team 
  • Been able to track her entire journey on the seamless Zenyum app
  • Been able to take advantage of Buy Now, Pay Later services

The good thing about regrets, though, is that they can serve as a lesson for others (like you!). If, like Jayner, you want to straighten your teeth, you can trust Wang Lei’s advice and start your smile journey. This time, with no regrets.

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Getai Phenomenon Wang Lei and Apprentice Jayner Visit Zenyum Singapore HQ To Talk About One Major Regret | Zenyum MY


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