29 July 2022

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Zenyum is killing it in the offline world: Zenyum Malaysia is growing its presence from Colony @ KLCC | Zenyum MY

After 4 years of establishing a great online presence, we are ready to move into the real world!

Photo credit: Colony

We have shifted (pun intended) the way you can straighten your teeth from the traditional brick and mortar to a direct-to-consumer brand, mainly developing an online presence while working with our partner dentist offline. More excited than ever, we are happy to announce that we opened our very first Malaysia Headquarters in COLONY @ KLCC.

In order for us to provide a ‘closer’ service to you and create an even wider offline presence!

Why are we opening our HQ now?

We all have suffered through the pandemic’s lockdown but sought connection through social media platforms. Now that restrictions have eased, we trickle back into the new normal, and the demand for physical connection increases. The constant use of social media can easily create a divided society; this is why we want to minimise this by establishing a physical connection with our consumers!

As many e-commerce brands slowly expand offline, we felt it was a perfect time to grow our business presence and close the gap with our customers.

We want to deepen relationships!

Our new Malaysia HQ is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business district and nestled between KLCC and Pavilion! Colony @ KLCC is a two-storey high ceiling coworking space housed in Vipod Residences, spanning 19,000 sq ft.

Our Malaysian office will have ample space to host meetings in aesthetically pleasing meeting rooms that are finished with wood panelling and open bookshelves!

Create unique in-person experiences

Another plus point of our new HQ is that it allows us to host live streams and collaborations with the people and brands you love and follow! We want to begin curating unique in-person experiences for our consumers in Malaysia and hope to grow the trust our consumers have in our brand. 

We know many of you are hungry for experience-based connections, so why not get your FREE Smile Assessment today to see if Zenyum is the right choice for you!

Start your smile journey with Zenyum today!

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Zenyum is killing it in the offline world: Zenyum Malaysia is growing its presence from Colony @ KLCC | Zenyum MY


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